The collaboration will enable al.ive body to obtain some of the world’s first voluntary biodiversity units which promise permanent protection of one square metre plots of land and 20 years of active management within high ecological value projects across Australia.

The partnership was announced on the al.ive body’s Instagram with Founders, Alisa & Lysandra Fraser speaking to the company’s commitment to preserving natural habitats and recognising that biodiversity is a crucial step towards protecting our planet

“The environment plays such an important part in everything we do so partnering with an organisation like Wilderlands to protect our precious biodiversity just makes sense.”


The pair alluded to more details of the partnership to be revealed in the lead-up to Earth Day which could include opportunities for al.ive body’s community to claim their very own one square metre plots of land to protect as a bonus gift when purchasing from the beauty provider on the 22nd of May. 

Wilderlands CEO Ash Knop said the partnership was reflective of a growing number of businesses recognising how deeply interconnected their operations are to nature and exploring ways to embed environmental impact into every part of their organisation.

“We know that more than half of the world’s economic production – a value of $44 trillion – is moderately or heavily dependent on nature – so put simply biodiversity loss is bad for business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all businesses are ready to act”

Ash Knop

al.ive body’s support will help protect vulnerable habitat in the Alleena landscape which is home to many species of birds that depend on intact woodland ecosystems for foraging and nesting. Unfortunately, many of these birds are now found almost exclusively in small, scattered remnants of habitat on private land, within State Forests or Nature Reserves. 

“To see a brand like al.ive body leading the way and so genuinely diving into a meaningful partnership has been so inspiring.”

Ash Knop

The restoration of previously cleared land commenced in 2013 with the direct seeding of almost 850ha with local tree and shrub species. This initiative is essential because it will help address the decline of these woodland birds and provide a habitat for them to thrive.

The decline of woodland birds like the Dusky Woodswallow is a concerning issue that demands our attention. These birds depend on intact woodland ecosystems for foraging and nesting, but their habitat is disappearing at an alarming rate. Small, scattered remnants of habitat on private or public land are often the only refuge for these birds. However, even these remnants are unprotected and subject to further clearing and degradation. 

“We have so much admiration for their commitment to the environment and have been in awe of their creativity and marketing expertise and combining that with the passionate community that surrounds their brand means this partnership will make a real difference and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have over time.”

Ash Knop

Fortunately, partnerships with supporters like al.ive body will help to protect this precious habitat and preserve this ecosystem so that these species can thrive in future, visit the al.ive body profile page to learn more.

About al.ive body

al.ive body is a personal and home care brand founded by identical twins and interior designers Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. With a passion for creating functional and beautiful spaces, the sisters decided to extend their vision to personal care products.

The brand creates products that blend together form and function, providing a touch of luxury to everyday life. al.ive body draws inspiration from the natural environment to create products that enhance your personal environment.

Their range of personal and home care products include Hand & Body Care, Baby, Kitchen Care and Home Fragrance items. Each product is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to creating high-quality products, al.ive body is committed to giving back to the environment that inspires the products they create. They are committed to the ongoing support of environmental organisations to ensure that they continue to have a positive impact on the planet.

About Wilderlands

Wilderlands have developed one of the world’s first voluntary biodiversity units and created a platform to make it easy for individuals and organisations to start protecting nature today

The Biological Diversity Unit (BDU) represents a 1sqm plot of permanently-protected and actively managed land in high ecological value projects across Australia.

Each unit is geotagged enabling supporters to zoom in and see the exact location of their units via their personal profile page and receive regular reports from expert ecologists on the ground and watch as nature flourishes thanks to their support.

Wilderlands have developed a proprietary methodology that leverages state conservation covenant regulations as well as incorporating leading ecosystem management practices designed by ecologists to promise permanent protection and help fund the first 20 years of project management.

Wilderlands currently supports four projects across Australia including Coorong Lakes, Crowes LookoutAlleena, and Budgerum.

Since launching in early August 2022, Wilderlands have protected over 50,000 square metres of vulnerable ecosystems with supporters ranging from individuals through to large organisations, philanthropists and several environmental advisory groups.

Wilderlands have been selected to be part of the United Nations Biodiversity Credits Alliance after being invited to attend their Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal in December.

Wilderlands have also been part of the inaugural Silverstrand Biodiversity Accelerator as well as selected for the Melbourne Accelerator Program, and received coverage from major publications including the Wall Street Journal, World Economic Forum, Australian Financial Review, ABC, Startup Daily and many more outlets.

Learn how we can help you start protecting Australia’s precious biodiversity today.