This special event saw the unveiling of the Wilderlands website as well as a sneak peek at a mini-documentary commissioned by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales focusing on one of the Cassinia projects you’re able to support at Coorong Lakes in South Australia.

It was wonderful to see so many people passionate about protecting the planet and we were grateful for the chance to share the vision and discuss our new Wilderlands Whitepaper with a community so committed to tackling biodiversity loss together.

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion featuring Cassinia CEO Paul Dettmann, Wilderlands Chief Ecologist Chris Lindorff, and Pollination Foundation’s Co-CEO Jane Hutchinson who explored the growing opportunity and need in supporting biodiversity and discussed why the Wilderlands offering is such a unique solution.

Wilderlands CEO Ash Knop said the support of so many high-profile stakeholders provided great confidence that the Wilderlands solution was certainly on the right track and ready to have an impact.

“We’ve been working on Wilderlands for so long now and we know how much rigour sits underneath the hood, but to hear that those in the room also recognised the integrity of the product we are building was so encouraging and also speaks to the reputation of our conservation partner Cassinia and the work they do.”

Ash Knop

“We know the most important ingredient is trust and that can only be built by ensuring we are transparent, accountable, and collaborative and that’s what this event was really about – it’s about bringing the environmental community together and sharing this journey as we’re going to have to do it together to make it work.”

Ash Knop

It’s a sentiment also shared by Cassinia CEO Paul Dettmann who has played a critical role in getting Wilderlands off the ground and committed to be the first partner of the platform enabling four projects to become suppliers of the Biological Diversity Unit.

Dettmann played a key part in one of the highlights of the event joining Pollination Foundation’s Co-CEO Jane Hutchinson and Chief Ecologist Chris Lindorff in a panel discussion exploring the growing opportunity and need in supporting biodiversity and discussed why the Wilderlands offering is such a unique solution.

“We’re proud to be part of Wilderlands and I think the world needs a solution like this which makes it accessible and easier for individuals and organisations to start protecting nature as our biodiversity depends on a collection response of action.”

Paul Dettmann

Those who attended had the opportunity to receive a limited-edition Wilderlands t-shirt and we couldn’t have been more proud to see so many people representing Wilderlands in the wild and can’t wait to see more moments like the ones below as our community grows.