Soon after launching in 2022, Wilderlands saw a growing demand for gifting bundles of Biological Diversity Units as a unique way of giving a present with purpose. 

Whether it be individuals wanting to purchase a meaningful gift for a loved one or businesses looking to engage their employees with a mission-aligned way of saying thank-you, the consistent feedback was that the promise of protecting the planet was a unique offering that made this proposition attractive to audiences of all types. 

The technology underpinning Wilderlands digital architecture has ensured that we are uniquely positioned to work with external partners given our ability to connect the registry managing these units to a third party platform via API or alternatively create unique activation codes that can unlock a gift when redeemed by an individual ensuring units can not be double-spent. 

This enables Wilderlands to deploy units to sales across both digital and physical products, with gift cards the obvious place to start.

Seeking a partner to push the possibilities of this new product Wilderlands discovered Elliephant, a leading corporate gifting platform who were working with clients wanting to add environmental solutions as part of their product mix for staff gifting. 

The Campaign

Wilderlands worked with Elliephant to test the concept with a small number of their clients who were eager to see the response from their staff when presented with a way to protect nature as one of a number of gifts they could choose from when joining the organisation.

The campaign saw Wilderlands develop a bundle of 30 Biological Diversity Units ($100 value) which promises to permanently protect and actively manage a patch of vulnerable Australian habitat across four high-conservation value projects across Australia.

Wilderlands worked with Elliephant to provide access to bespoke content to support the campaign development and the units were then presented as an option alongside seven six other products which included  Frank Green Bottles, an alcoholic choice, a non-alcoholic choice, an experience, a home or kitchen gift, a healthy snack, or a sweet treat (with the final mix of products determined by the corporate client).

Once the Wilderlands option was selected by an employee, the recipient of the gift was contacted with details of how to unlock their very own Wilderlands profile and view the authenticity certificate which verified the ownership of their units as well as learn about the projects and species they’re helping to protect, receiving ongoing progress reports from ecologists on the ground.

The Results

Of the 152 staff at organisations who participated in this pilot, we saw 18.4% choose a Wilderlands (30sqm protection pack) valued at $100, with Wilderlands consistently selected as the second to fourth most popular choice across the multiple intakes of graduates exposed to these campaigns.

Anecdotal feedback from both Elliephant and their clients was that the ability to offer a meaningful gift that aligns to the organisation’s values and their commitment to protect the planet was desirable and distinct amongst existing offerings in the corporate gifting space.

The collaboration between Wilderlands and Elliephant has continued beyond this pilot opportunity to bring the solutions to many more corporate partners with tailored solutions to support client needs, whether that be particularly price points, projects, or bundle packages.

Through the partnership over 1040 square metres of vulnerable habitat has been protected across four projects in Australia.

Listen to the soundscapes from Alleena, one of the projects protected through this partnership and explore the annual project report detailing the impact made possible thanks to the support of organisations like Elliephant and its clients.

Learn more about Elliephant here.