Lendlease recently teamed up with conservation startup Wilderlands to protect nearly 6000sqm of
vulnerable Australian land as part of their Towards Zero Customer Summit in September.

With over 400 corporate leaders coming together to tackle environmental challenges and hear from
some of the brightest minds in the space, the 5896sqm commitment reflected the equivalent square
metres of the event spaces across Melbourne and Sydney and will help protect four biodiversity
protection projects including Crowes Lookout, Coorong Lakes, Budgerum and Alleena.

As a novel way to turn talk into action, those in attendance received a Wilderlands Starter Pack as a
gift from Lendlease which enabled them to unlock their very own profile with 10 Biological Diversity
Units so they could track their impact and watch as nature flourishes thanks to their support.
Lendlease’s Head of Customer Strategy Alison Webb said bringing biodiversity loss into the
conversation alongside carbon really helped ensure attendees were exposed to the broad spectrum
of challenges we are all facing and the addition of the Wilderlands gift really provided a special
memento with environmental impact at its heart.

“There’s always a balance between the big ideas and being able to act today and we wanted to make
sure attendees not only felt inspired but could see how small actions can have a lasting impact on
nature; and that’s what working with Wilderlands helped us achieve,” said Webb.

“The fact that every attendee could walk away knowing they’d helped protect their very own 10sqm
plot of precious Australian biodiversity was a really lovely way to embed impact into the event and as
a company we were very proud of the collective amount of land we supported as part of the

The Wilderlands team also launched a new content series called “The Birds of Wilderlands” as part of
the week which provided a snapshot of the many species who call these projects home and will be
rolled-out as a full campaign in the coming months.

Attendees were immersed amongst the species through an augmented reality experience that
Wilderlands developed with world-renowned creative studio Phoria and featured a virtual gallery of
the birds and many other interactive elements that could be explored via their mobile devices as
attendees roamed the Superfloor in Melbourne.

Wilderlands Chief Marketing Officer Heath Evans said the Summit activation was a wonderful
example of how organisations could think creatively about bringing their customers and communities
on their sustainability journey and embed impact into everything they do.

“The best ideas are always brilliantly simple, yet highly impactful. Lendlease nailed both of these
elements with their concept to protect the equivalent event spaces of the Summit and show simple
ways people can start protecting nature, even if it’s just one square metre at a time,” said Evans.
“The moment attendees heard the footprint of the floorplan was being matched and would help
protect projects across Australia you could see it just made sense and then they were even more
excited when they discovered they could be part of this impact through the gifts as well.”

Wilderlands Co-Founder Paul Dettmann also appeared on a virtual panel discussion alongside CEO of
Pollination Foundation Jane Hutchison and Lendlease Head of Sustainability Ann Austin as part of the
week as the trio explored “why biodiversity loss is bad for business”.

The event was a tremendous success and one which Wilderlands were very grateful to be part of
only months after launching the startup which has now protected nearly 50,000sqm across Australia
with growing demand for the Biological Diversity Unit, a first of its kind.

Learn more: www.wilderlands.earth